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Poodle Grooming

Poodle Grooming is a very important task that has nothing to do with only the physical appearance and beauty of your doggy.

Grooming your poodle is a necessity and should be started at an early age; this will help your puppy to get used to being handled and also develops a closer bond between you and your doggy.

Having your poodle groomed by yourself or by a professional groomer will give you the peace of mind that your doggy will be out of any parasite nuisances before they turn into catastrophes. Exploring a pet's skin can help you or your groomer find irritations, sores, cuts, lumps, or signs of fleas.

Good grooming adds greatly to your pet's overall happiness. A well groomed pet is just more pleasant to be around.

Letting more than two months go by between grooming sessions seems to be potentially detrimental for any poodle doggy.

Please remember, you are caring for a member of your family --Find the appropriate time for it.

Choosing a Groomer

Pet groomers in the United States are not required to have a license; so basically, anyone can call themselves a groomerFinding a reputable groomer is just half of the battle, It is to create a working relation and a good communication. . Choose your groomer carefully Ask for recommendations and advice from poodle owners, friends, neighbors and your veterinarian in your area.

"If you like the way someone's poodle looks, find out who does her hair,"

For Poodle Grooming you will consider scooping out different groomers in the area. Visit their shops and pay attention to how the facility is managed. You should see if the facility is well lit and clean, note if the staff appears knowledgeable and check if the cages are big enough and separated by species.

When you visit for inspection try not to take with you your doggy.

The Humane Society suggests you ask several things before making an appointment.

You can also contact the National Dog Groomers Association of America NDGAA

My recommendation in the area of Miami Florida is Gingy’s best friend Jarvas at the Dog of Ipanema. He is Great !!!!!!

This is Gingy's groomer Jarvas taking care of her as in the last ten years

Poodle Coats Cuts

Let’s take a look at the different coat cuts you can give your poodle –

Pet or Puppy Clip – Hair is clipped short all over the body.


Continental Clip – The rear half of the body is shaved and tufts of hair (known as bracelets) are left around the ankles and there is a pom-pom on the end of the tail.

Traditional or Lamb Clip – The coat is left the same length (slightly long) all over the body.

The puppy and lamb clip are usually the preferred choice for me to groom my lovely poodle Gingy, as these coats are the easiest to create and maintain. By my opinion the average poodle owner prefer this style.

Poodles that are kept as pets can be groomed in any manner you wish but are usually clipped fairly short to minimize grooming time.

There are only three clips that are acceptable for the Show Ring.

The Continental Trim, The English Saddle (sometimes referred to as The Lion Trim) and the Puppy Trim.

It is very important that you choose the cut that is most convenient for you and your dog.

Poodle grooming involves bathing, drying, brushing , clipping and trimming.

Brushing your poodle will help to remove old hair, improve the circulation of the skin and keep the coat shiny and healthy by spreading the natural oil found in the skin.

We all know what a difference poodles make in our lives.

Poodle Grooming is one of the best ways to care for them.

" It is expensive but it is worthless "

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