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Poodle Breeders

Here I want to give you the best information available to help you find reputable poodle breeders.


You can start by asking for referrals from your veterinarian or trusted friends, by contacting local breed clubs, or visiting dog shows.

Veterinarians, Boarding Kennels and Trainers

Contact the local veterinarians, boarding kennels, and dog trainers in your area. Many of them will keep the phone numbers of their clients that breed poodles puppies, some will have directories published by the local clubs with the names and numbers of breeders in their specific areas.

Be careful because not every veterinarian, kennel manager, or trainer knows the difference between a reputable breeder and a backyard breeder or a puppy mill, so you will have to rely on your own good common sense

Through The Internet

Most of the reputable poodle breeders have their own sites that is used to educate the public and tell you about the different breeds and their own types of poodles available.

Also very important is to be exceptionally vigilant about checking out any breeders you are considering that cannot be easily visited or they donít give you the physical address.

If you find it impossible to find both a poodle doggy and a responsible and reputable breeder in your area you may need to consider bringing a dog from another part of the country.

Poodle puppies are very sensitive, but a reputable poodle breeders will know exactly what to do to bring this puppy safe to his new home.

The breeder can show you the puppy via Video Tape and answer all your questions and email you all the information.You have to know sure exactly what do you want and what you to expect from your puppy.

Purchasing long distance from a reputable poodle breeder can be rewarding experience, but also can be the opposite,My recommendation is to use your common sense.


To find a dog show in your area you should first look in your local papers for notices by the clubs sponsoring such events.

A dog show is a great place to see representatives of the different breeds competing in conformation or performance classes.

You can meet with reputable breeders and exhibitors that will help you and give you the correct orientation.

You can go to the web site of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and find a list of upcoming shows.


When contacting a Poodle Dog Club you have to carry with you the list of questions mentioned below and the Code of Ethics from the breed clubs and ask the reputable poodle breeders about all of your issues and concerns.

If you are not confident that a breeder meets your standards for responsibility, then donít buy from him.

AKC Parent Clubs represent a wealth of breed knowledge and are an invaluable resource for prospective puppy buyers.

You can visit the AKC Parent Club Web site or contact the AKC Parent Club Breeder Referral of the poodle breed you are interested in purchasing.

The AKCís Breeder Classifieds Service is one of the best sources. This service provides contact information for breeders who currently are AKC registered or qualifying puppies available for sale. You can contact them trough the following e mail: .

For poodles breeds information the best tool is to visit this great site: www.poodleclubofamerica.orgYou can find calendar of events, genetic issues and great links to other web sites.

If you're not located in the US, these are some of the International sites where you can get more information.

German Poodle Club www.deutscher-pudel-klub.de Norwegian Poodle Club www.puddelklubb.no Poodle Club of Denmark www.pudelklubben.dkPoodle Friends in Germany www.verband-der-pudelfreunde.de

You can get the following checklist , "How to Identify a Good Dog Breeder" and take it with you as you visit different breeders

If the breeder you're working with doesn't meet all of the minimum criteria listed.

The Humane Society of the United States advises you to walk away.

Remember that a reputable breeder will never sell his dogs through a pet store or in any other way that does not allow him to meet with you and interview you to ensure that the puppy poodle is a good match for your family and that you will provide him with a lovely and warm home.

If you can, please don't ever buy a dog without personally visiting where he or she was born and raised or at list get all the information regarding his delivery and Pedigree.

Take the time now to find the right breeder and you'll thank yourself for the rest of your dog's life.

All puppies are adorable and it is very easy to be taken and be attached to them.

"Remember always that Puppies are small for only a short time"

Do your homework. Make the decision with your head before you give your heart.

Remember,your dog will likely live 12 to 20 years, so it's well worth investing some time now to be sure you're working with reputable poodle breeders who breed healthy and happy cute poodles.

American Kennel Club

German Poodle Club

Club of Denmark

Friends in Germany

Poodle Club in Israel

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