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Labradoodle Dog Guide

Labradoodle Colors

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The Labradoodle Dog is a loving, intuitive, sociable and easily trained pet.

I can say at this moment that from all the state of the art canine and Designer Dogs of this time they are the most popular and the best companion mixed breed dogs.

It is very easy to understand because they are the results of crossing two wonderful breeds already known for their extraordinary characteristics…

“The Poodle and the Labrador”

Originally, they were breed to help the blind and others with impaired abilities.

The purpose of the cross breeding was to create an allergy-friendly breed of dog.


These are poodle mixes who have no doggy odor even in the wet weather, and little or almost non shedding coat.

There is a small percentage of labradoodles who do shed a little but they still seem to have hypoallergenic properties, although, this has not been proved yet, also this make them go around your house or car without causing a mess.

Some Labradoodles have a curly coat and others have more Labrador traits and have a straight coat

The Labradoodle dog is very much a 'people' oriented dog and very intelligent.They like to serve and please you. They also need to know that they are loved and feel part of the family as a member, and thrive when living close to you. They are tough and healthy physically, adapting well to severe changes in climate.

They have moments of solemnity, and are just as happy to lie at your feet for hours, soaking up your company as they are ready to run outside and have a game.

They need a lot of mind stimulation, long walks, playtimes and extra curricular activities.

They make great running and jogging companions, excel at Agility and Obedience, adore a game of Frisbee or fetch, but are just as content to snuggle up with you when you read or watch TV or work on the computer.

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If you are looking for a dog to be a true member of your family, and whom you are prepared to train for the first year, then I can’t think of no other breed more suitable to be part of your family who will be always a delight to you, give love and be very attached to you and your kids and family.

Labradoodle Dog Facts

There are three sizes and weights of Labradoodle Dog:

STANDARD: From 20 inches at the shoulder and above.

MINIATURE: From 12 inches to around 17 inches at the shoulder.

MEDIUM: Which comes somewhere in between.

STANDARD: 50" - 65"

MINIATURE 18" – 25"

MEDIUM 30" - 40"

Their Lifespan is 14 to 16 years.

Labradoodles are not yet considered a specific breed by any major kennel clubs.

Training Labradoodles

First,Labradoodle training begins for your puppy the day you bring him home. Let me explain what do I mean by this?

Your cute little 15-20 pound puppy is going to grow up (fast!) into a large dog.

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Don’t allow or sanction any behavior of your puppy that you would not allow a full-grown dog to do. For example, it’s so cute when your new puppy jumps up on you to get attention! It’s obnoxious, not to mention dangerous, when six months later your now large eight-month-old puppy has just knocked someone to the floor!

You’re responsible for making the commitment to Labradoodle training so your dog behaves properly at home, when guests are visiting, and away from home.

Puppies don’t know right from wrong. This can only be accomplished with time. Most of the time people think that bringing a puppy home will be easy to train him just with human commands and people perfectly training, but be very carefully because with this Labradoodles dogs puppies is not the same.

They need to do Labradoodle training. And there are people who give up after three days of not sleeping, and think they have the worst dog in the world. So, if you are considering bringing a Labradoodle Puppy home it would be good to set these expectations straight.

“When you take a puppy home, it’s not going to be everything you want it to be.” A Lot of dedication, patience and repetition will be the key!!!

Any effort put in during the early formative months to a year and a half, will be repaid a hundredfold with a dog which is pure delight to live with.

“Dogs don’t fail . . . owners fail their dogs “

Labradoodles Genetic Health’s Concerns

People who are thinking about having a labradoodle dog companion often ask if there are any genetic problems as both Labradors and poodles both suffer from hip and eye problems.

Many people say that, labradoodles seem problem free. However vets and breeders kindly provided the following information

Labradoodles share the same genetic problems that any of the parent breeds have that are used for breeding.


Simply crossing two unrelated breeds does not mean that genetic issues will be eliminated. There have been multiple labradoodles from multi-gen, first cross and backcross lines that have ended up with hip dysplasia, luxating patella, eye problems, and other disorders, all inherited from the parent dogs.

Be very careful and don’t let yourself believe that you are buying a healthy dog simply because this is a cross breed.

It is very important that proper health testing be done on any breeding dogs, so that serious genetic issues are not continually bred on. If people feel genetic issues are not a problem, this will lead to the general public not requesting health information on breeding stock, which in turn will lead to many breeders simply not testing.

We all know this will then lead to even more genetic issues continuing to be bred on and causing heartbreak to many families who end up owning the dogs afflicted with the genetic issues.

Any of the same genetic problems that either labs or poodles experience, are the exact same ones that are genetically possible in the labradoodle dog.

Knowing that genetic issues are possible is an extremely important piece of information to the potential buyer of a Labradoodle Dog...!!!!!

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) website lists signs of a responsible breeder. Some of these include screening stock for heritable diseases, keeping stock well socialized, does not breed the very young or very old, screens potential new owners, and offer help and guidance for new owners

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