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Links to Partners

The following are our Links to Partners directing you to some great sites offering additional information and services for your Pets and Dogs benefit.

Each of our Links to partners is a site that has been approved and qualified to offer genuine information to our readers.

If you wish to exchange links with our site, please contact us

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Pet Education

Articles and information written by veterinarians about pet health and care. Articles for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, small pets and ferrets!

"Multi-colored" is an umbrella term that encompasses all colors and color patterns (solids, partis, phantoms, sables, abstracts and multi-patterned) found in Poodles. The MCPCA advocates for, and is pre-eminently focused on the conformation, temperament and health of all Poodles but we do so without any discrimination towards the various colors and patterns found in Poodles and are striving to see this same philosophy become more widely accepted.


Learn how to prevent and treat injuries, illnesses, and poisonings before something unbearable happens. You can save your dog's life with dog first aid.

All Natural Dog Treat

For the best all-natural-dog-treat recipes and natural dog care, look no further.

This site brings you the information you need to keep your dog healthy. From time-tested natural remedies to easy to make dog treat recipes, you'll find something to interest dog lovers.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Animals are Abused and Abandoned Every Day.

Together we'll work to end animal cruelty and find loving homes for all adoptable Pets.

" Please Help"

The Animal Rescue Site
The Animal Rescue Site

Dog Adoption and Training Guide

A guide to dog adoption, choosing, caring for and training a puppy or adult dog to suit your lifestyle. About kennels, breeders, clicker training, breed profiles,health. We present dog raising and ownership, the hard work involved so you can make good decisions.

Poodle Health Registry

The Poodle Health Registry, a nonprofit, international registry for all diseases affecting Poodles, has a database of diseases by poodle variety, and can be a great resource for potential poodle owners and breeders alike.

Well-bred poodles have the potential to live 10 13 years, or more, if cared for properly and receive routine veterinary care.

Top quality electronic dog training and containment systems including: Remote Training Collars, Pet Fences, Bark Collars and GPS Dog Collars.

Looking for that perfect gift for that certain someone who has everything already? Beagle Stipple Portrait

Looking for something JUST FOR YOU?


Safe and secured pets, happy owners.

Krista Poodldes

We strive to raise beautiful intelligent qualitypoodle puppies.

Red Poodles, Apricot Poodles, Chocolate Poodles,Brown Poodles, Black Poodles, White Poodles, Blue Poodles.

Krista's Poodles and her poodle puppies live in South Central Kansas.

Train Pet Dog- About Poodles

Exclusive information on poodles, breed information, probable diseases, coat & amp; skin Care, exercise and training schedules.

Pets Scouters

Find all kinds of pets - Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, and more. Pets for sale or adoption and classified pet ads.

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