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Shih Poo Guide

Shitzu Poodle Mix Breed - Shih Poos

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Shih poo is a mix dog between a Shit Zu and a Poodle, it is a designer hybrid dog and not a Purebreed .

These hybrid dogs crosses results are very desirables one, because they sheds very little and are great for allergy sufferers, in other words, they considered as “Hypoallergenic Dog “ . But the truth is that there is not such thing completely hypoallergenic.

The size will depend on whether the poodle is a Toy or Miniature (Never with a Standard Poodle).

The average weight of a Shih poo is approximately 10 15 lbs.

The Average height is between 8-11 inches at the shoulders.

Their life expectancy is between 14 and 17 years.

Shih Poos come in a wide variety of colors, black, white, gray, brown or even with apricot markings.

But they can come in any color. Depends a lot on the genes of the parents.

However, the most popular colors are the black and white.

Very Cute Shih tzu Poodle Mix puppie White and Black

The Hybrid Poodle Breed “Shih Poo" share the great temperament qualities and characteristics from his parents. In this case a Shitzu and a Poodle. Both are very intelligent, loving and loyal dogs

They are very friendly and outgoing pets to their human families.Great doggies for families with children and also they are very good companions for seniors, elderly people that will like to have a loyal and cute friend.

They are excellent and great apartment dogs.

They are very affectionate !!!!!

They bond with their Human Family !!!!

They most show their love to them with a lot of kisses. For this reason you have to take in consideration, that this poodle breed mix companion enjoy sleeping on the bed with their family. “ Great for Children “

Shi poos hybrid dogs are very easy to train, they are extremely intelligent, they learn very quickly and easily all kind of tricks.

“In generally they tend to be alert and playful.”

Don’t forget, They will appreciate very much a daily walk and playing time to get sufficient exercise.

Very Important to Remember !!!!

Behavior problems are reduced when the dog is given adequate exercise and attention.

Shitzu –Poodle Breed mix get well with other dogs and people if they socialized properly. This depends much in you the “owner” because socialization is very important; this is a process of time and patience and they should be socialized from a very young age in order to get best results.

They are good watchdogs due to their instinct to bark to others, this can become a problem barker, but with right training can be fixed.


In general Shih Poo is long coated, since both the Poodle and the ShiTzu have a long coat, but its coat texture can be like the Poodle “curly” and non shed (This is a great Advantage) or like a Shi Tzu “Straight”

This hybrid breed is a dog that rarely shed, but they will always require regular grooming to keep their hair from matting.The best and more recommendable thing to do is to keep the grooming maintenance to a minimum and that means brushing daily and get your dog clipped regularly in a poodle puppy clip.

Also be aware that tearing problems can occur with all the poodle mixes including the Shitzu breed, so their eyes should be cleaned regularly and checked for infection. Same can happen with the ears, and checked for any signs of infection will be the best thing to do.

If you are planning on getting a poodle mix small dog. You should consider getting a Shih Tzu Poodle Mix….

!!!!Extremely Super Cute Dog !!!!

!!The Shih Poo is perfect small domestic pet and very easy to care!!

Are you one of the lucky persons to own a Poodle Mix Companion ?

Do you have a great story about this? Share it!

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