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Poisonous Foods

The Most Harmful Food for Pets

Poisonous foods can be deadly for your dog. Let me just advice you what are the Most Harmful Foods for your Pet.

We have to be very careful because some foods and snacks that are considered good for people can be very HARMFUL foods for your dog: In this case, I am talking about food that is very toxic for our lovely poodle dogs and I ask myself, do we really know about them?

I have a list that I consider the most common poisonous food that can be very dangerous to almost all the animals and pets.

However, I also suggest to you that if you intend to provide your doggy with food not specifically intended for them,you should discuss it with your veterinarian or pet nutritionist.I am not a veterinarian, but I am just a concerned dog loving person who has done a little research to put together my knowledge and some of my experiences with my own dogs.

I will start with one of the most well known harmful and poisonous Food for your dog and it is “ CHOCOLATE”. I panic when my poodle dog is among children.

It is very important to talk to your children about the danger and consequences if your doggy gets a chocolate in his mouth.

1. – Chocolate - You will find a chemical in chocolate, Theo bromine, that can cause epileptic seizures in dogs. It can also increase heart rate, over stimulation of the central nervous system and constriction of arteries.

You have to be most careful with Baked Chocolate; this one has the highest amount of Theo bromine.

Watch for these symptoms:

They are vomiting, diarrhea and hyperactive behavior or cardiac failure or seizures. If you notice one of them get to the veterinarian or go to an emergency animal hospital IMMEDIATELY.

In case you suspect that your dog has eaten some chocolate and you see him very agitated, try to put in his water some Rescue Remedy, available at most health food stores and check that he is drinking a lot of water in order to flush the system.

2. – Onions - Onion Powder and Onions can cause anemia and breathing difficulties, because this type of poisonous foods can damage the dog’s red blood cells.

Please be Aware: Baby Food can contain onion powder, which can be toxic to dogs.

3. - Avocados- They carry a very toxic component called Persin. This can damage heart, lung and another tissue in dogs. In addition, we have to understand that Avocados are high in fat that brings to vomiting and stomach upset, and if the Persin get stuck in the intestinal tract, it can cause a severe blockage that will require surgery.

4. -Fatty Foods - I mean Chicken Fat and Meat Fat or just Fatty Foods, can lead to digestive disorders, gastrointestinal upset and pancreas inflammation.

Symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting. Abdomen inflammation is sometimes very dangerous and can even result in dead.


!!!! If you are going to share your chicken with your doggy, please don’t give him the skin!

!!!! NEVER EVER feed cooked bones of any description

5. –Nuts - Some nuts are more dangerous that others. Macadamia nuts contain an unknown toxin, which can be poisonous food and affect the digestive and nervous system and muscle.

6. - Salt in your Pet’s Food - Never put or add salt to your dog’s food, this can cause electrolyte imbalances in the natural potassium, sodium, chloride phosphorous and calcium, that make up the body.

7.-Potato, Rhubarb and Tomato Leaves - Potato and Tomato stem contain oxalates, which can affect the digestive, nervous, and urinary systems.

8. - Raw Eggs - Contain an enzyme called avidin, which decreases the absorption of biotin9B vitamin 0. This can lead to skin and hair coat problems. Raw eggs may also contain Salmonella.

9.- Sugar Foods - The same like in human people, can lead to obesity, dental problems and possibly diabetes mellitus.

10. – Tobacco - Contains nicotine, which affects the digestive and nervous systems. It can result in rapid heartbeat, collapse, coma and death. “This is a very Harmful and Poisoning Food”

12. – Mushrooms - Can contain toxins, which may affect multiple systems in the body, cause shock and result in death.

13. - Raw Fish - More common if raw fish is fed regularly, can result in a thiamine (B Vitamin) deficiency leading to a loss of appetite, seizures, and in severe cases, death.

14. - Persimmons- Seeds can cause intestinal obstruction and enteritis.

15. – Note that pits from peaches and plums, as well as apples seeds or mustard seeds. can cause obstruction of the digestive track.

16. - Alcoholic Beverages- Can cause intoxication, coma and death.

17. – Bones - From fish, poultry or other meat sources, can cause obstruction or laceration of the digestive system.

18. - Coffee & Tea- All the beverages containing Caffeine, Theo bromine or theophylline, can be a very toxic and poisonous food affecting the heart and nervous systems.

19. - Cat Food - This food is generally too high in protein and fats for dogs

20. - Citrus Oil Extracts - Can cause vomiting.

21. - Grapes and Raisins- Contain unknown toxins, which can damage the kidneys.

22. - Milk and other Dairy Products - Some adult dogs do not have sufficient amounts of the enzyme lactose, which breaks down the lactose in milk. This can result in diarrhea. TIP: Lactose –Free Milk products are available for pets.

23. - Human Vitamin Supplements containing Iron can damage the lining of the digestive system and are toxic to the other organs including the liver and kidneys.

24. - Liver in Large Amount - Can cause Vitamin A toxicity, which affect muscles and bones.

25. - Moldy or Spoiled Foods - Can cause symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea and can affect other organs. Garbage food or Spoiled food contain multiple toxins that in other words these are Poisonous Foods.

Pardon me for an article that may sound too negative, but the health and quality of life of our pets come first…

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Avoid Poisonous Foods at any cost.

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