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Canine Diabetes Instructions for Pet Sitters

Canine Diabetes Instructions for Pet Sitters

Leave detailed instructions that include:

* Location of all supplies (insulin, syringes, corn syrup)

* Insulin storage and proper mixing and handling techniques.

* Insulin dose and how to fill the syringe. Or, how to re-mix pre-filled syringes.

* How to give an injection.

* Time(s) to give injection(s) * Proper syringe disposal

Feeding instructions

* Special food,portion size,time(s),treats


* When, how long, what to do, and what not to do.

* Remind your sitter that if they taking your dog for a walk,they MUST take sugar with them (honey packet, corn syrup). Put the sugar supply with the leash.

Emergency preparedness

* Review the signs of hypoglycemia and instructions for treatment.

* Write down the vet's name, phone number, address, and give directions to the vet's office.

* If your vet is not open 24 hours, also include the phone number and location of an emergency veterinary clinic. * Leave a signed copy of the emergency treatment permission form you've prepared and given to your vet.

* How to contact you.

* General information about leashes, toys, crates, and "house rules".

It's also important for you to get to know to your pet sitter your dog's habits - eating, drinking, sleeping, and so forth - since sometimes a variation in those habits can be an indication that he isn't feeling well and this has to be part of your Canine Diabetes Instructions

Recommendations for a good pet sitter for a diabetic pet.

* An adult family member or trusted friend

* A local veterinary technician

* A professional pet sitter.

Information on professional pet sitters can be found at the National Association of Pet Sitters web site. They promote at home care (obviously). The site has information about the benefits of using a professional pet sitter for at home care, and a number you can call for a referral. This is an option you may want to explore for a special needs pet.

Who will not make a good pet sitter for a diabetic pet

* This is not a job for a neighborhood child.

Many children make excellent pet sitters for a healthy pet. But a diabetic pet has very special needs that require more knowledge and skills than a typical child has.

A child should not be put in the position of being responsible for a special needs pet where serious medical problems may arise and life and death decisions may need to be made.

Of course, special consideration can be made on an individual basis.

But I would be sure that an adult is available to help care for the doggy and transport the doggy to the vet.

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