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Dog Dental Care - Pet Dental Health

Do you know why Dog Dental Care is require? In addition, what means this important step in your Dog life?.

We know that nine out of ten adult dogs have some form of pet dental disease.

Pet owners are very worry about the vet expenses when comes to Dog Dental Care and they cute back the dental cleaning trough the vet clinics. But you know that you can take care from your home and keep your dog healthy?

pet dental health,veterinary dental treatment

But to Avoid all this Signs, here are why your Dog need Home Dental Care.

Here I will give you some tips in order to have your doggie happy and healthy.

I will start with an important note:

“The first stage to take care of the dental health of your puppy or adult poodle’ “

If any of these signs and symptoms are present your best course of action would be to have your pet examined by a professional veterinarian.

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Oral dog dental Health

- Loss of appetite or difficulty eating and chewing food.

- Bad Breath, specially if it is a persistent Bad Breath.

- Bleeding, or inflamed gums.


- Loose, missing or infected teeth.

- Sensitivity around the mouth.

- Tartar(This is a creamy-brown hard material).

- Stained Teeth that’s means that the plaque is already there.

- Pawing at the mouth.

Dry food and chew toys help of course to clean some of your dogs teeth, but they don’t help to clean the teeth at the gum line where most dental problems begin.

Same as with people, routine dental care is essential for puppies and adult dogs.

Many dog owners aren’t not aware that their dogs are prone to having cavities.

Tooth brushing is the most effective method in cleaning your dog’s teeth at home

Pet Stores carries a full range of pet dental care item like Dental Cleaning kits,toothpaste, dental chews and of course treats and rinses that contain enzymes proven to reduce plaque and tarter. And also plenty of specialty toys designed to clean canine teeth and massage gums as your dog plays with them.

It is very important to regularly clean their teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste specially made for them. It takes only a few minutes each day. The outside surfaces of teeth need the most attention and are the easiest to reach. The cleaning action of the bristles along the gum line is critical in maintaining the teeth’s and gums healthy.

I recommended in the beginning using with some dogs and puppies a finger toothbrush that may be a more comfortable procedure in the beginning and may help puppies and dogs become accustomed to having hands around their mouths.

Once your dog has become familiar with this step, introducing a bristle?type brush should be much easier. "Remember", acceptance by your dog is an important key in making this new procedure comfortable for both you and your pet.

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