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Labradoodle Colors

Labradoodle Dog Guide

Here I am giving you the different Labradoodle Colors that Breeders have developed.

Almost the most popular are the Blacks, Creams, and Golden Creams.


Black Labradoodle

The black labradoodle color,is Jet Black all over.

If carrying Silver (ancestors Silver) Blacks can develop a sprinkling of silver white hairs throughout their coats, usually over the backline. If carrying Brown, brown can develop around the face, insides of legs, and tail.

Silvers Labradoodles

They are born Black. Some Silver Labradoodle colors can be born with silver between their foot pads and an experienced breeder will spot this when the puppies are quite young.

Others may not develop any silver until around 8 or 9 weeks old, in the form of spectacles around their eyes.

The Silvers go through stages of brown, through to grey charcoal, with the silver coming up their legs, spreading to their hocks and tails and eventually their whole body.

The real Good Silvers will go through a blueish stage and end up pure platinum.

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Browns Café Chocolate

All browns are born Chocolate. Cafes develop golden coat around their muzzles at between 6 and 12 weeks of age.

Most Chocolates end up Cafe, although some true Chocolates can appear to be Cafe due to sun burning which produces beautiful golden highlights through their coats.

If the coat is parted, the true Chocolate color can still be seen at the roots, whereas the Cafe will pale in color right through to the roots.


Creams vary from pale milky cream right through to rich Apricot Creams who are cream on body but have dark apricot ears.

Some will have reddish tinges through the coat as well. Some pale with age, and others deepen. First signs of deepening occur along the backline of the dog, on the muzzle and on the hocks and top of tail.

Gold,Golden Cream and Apricots

These labradoodle are highly prized and are a rich golden color. It may either pale, or deepen over time. It is not possible to predict early on which way any particular puppy may develop in color.

Red Labradoodle

Highly prized, Reds are not easy to breed and are still comparatively rare (even in the Poodle). Some breeders will mistake Apricots for Red, but the true Red is the color of an Irish Red Setter.

Extremely beautiful, difficult to breed, and highly sought after. Most Reds will fade to some extent over time, so should be a very rich color when young.

Caramel Labradoodle

Caramel is often mistaken for true Apricot. It too is a rare color, and is rather like a true Apricot with a more caramel toning to it. The color should go right to the skin, and not be shaded along the hairs of the coat.

As you can see Labradoodle Colors are available in a very wide selection.

Just Go and Pick One Of Them

All Are Cute and Adorable Lovely Companions.

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) website lists signs of a responsible breeder. Some of these include screening stock for heritable diseases, keeping stock well socialized, does not breed the very young or very old, screens potential new owners, and offer help and guidance for new owners

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