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Poodle Show Clips

Poodle Show Clips

For Dog Poodle Show clips many breed registries allow only certain clips to show in conformation. In American Kennel Club (AKC) shows, adults must be shown in the "continental" or "English saddle" clips. Dogs under 12 months old may be shown with a "puppy clip" or “Lamb Clip”.

A handful of registries, such as the United Kennel Club, allow simpler poodle show clips.

Puppy clip

In the puppy show clip, the face, throat, base of the tail and feet are shaved. The coat may be shaped with scissors for neatness. Although this clip appears simpler than the other clips, the length of the hair makes it as difficult (maybe more so) to maintain as the adult clips.

Continental clip

In the continental clip the face, throat, feet and part of the tail are shaved. The upper half of the front legs is shaved, leaving "pompoms" around the ankles. The hindquarters are shaved except for pompoms on the lower leg (from the hock to the base of the foot) and optional round areas (sometimes called "rosettes") over the hips. The continental clip is the most popular show clip today.

English Saddle clip

The English saddle clip is similar to the continental, except for the hindquarters. The hindquarters are not shaved except a small curved area on each flank (just behind the body), the feet, and bands just below the stifle (knee) and above the hock, leaving three pompoms. This clip is now rarely seen in Standard Poodles.

Poodle clips can be as simple or elaborate as the owner wants.

The hair under the tail should always be kept short to keep feces from getting matted in the fur.

Most owners also keep the feet and face clipped short to keep dirt from matting between toes and food from matting around the dog's muzzle. Beyond the sanitary requirements, the desired clip depends on the owner's preference. Some owners maintain a longer clip in winter than summer, which they brush often to remove tangles and prevent matting. When mats occur, owners cut or shave off the matted areas, attempt to achieve symmetry in overall appearance, and wait for the fur to grow back.

Corded coat

In most cases, whether a poodle is in a pet or poodle show clip, fur is completely brushed out. Poodle fur can also be "corded" with rope-like mats similar to the Komondor (Hungarian komondorok is a large white colored Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with corded coat

Though once as common as the curly poodle, corded poodles are now very rare.

Corded coats are difficult to keep clean and take a long time to dry after a bath. Any poodle with a normal coat can be corded when their adult coat is in. Corded poodles may be shown in AKC, FCI and UKC shows.

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